The Keys to Online Shopping

Y’all, Amazon shopping can be difficult. You would think it should be easier; you’re on the computer in the comfort of your own home, there are no impulse buys, and there is no sales person in your face trying to sell you something you know you don’t need just so they can get their commission. So, the question is, why is it so darn difficult?! It’s hard to trust the internet sometimes. Are we really getting what we order? When will our packages arrive? Wow! It looks way better online than it does in person!

Lucky for y’all, I am basically an Olympic Champion of Amazon Shopping. So take a look at some of my tips and tricks and fear no more!

Summer dress with pockets! $20 on Amazon!

1. Is it a Prime item?

Some people don’t want to dish out the money for Amazon Prime, but if you shop Amazon as much as I do, it’s TOTALLY worth it! Not only am I getting free shipping, I get my packages in two days! Two day free shipping, people! If I added up all of the shipping charges I would actually have without Prime, it definitely exceeds the $100 I spend for Prime membership each year. So, ordering Prime items is KEY!

2. Read the full description.

Some folks only shop by looking at images. Yes, the image is what catches our eye, but we can’t always rely on just that. Reading the entire item description will ensure you get the item you wish to have. Reading the description in its entirety could be the difference between you getting a great summer outfit…orrrr a nice summer outfit for your child’s Barbie Doll.

3. Read the reviews.

Sounds like common sense, I know, but some folks don’t. Other shoppers post review for a reason. Shoppers who have previously ordered an item want to share their experience whether it’s a positive or negative one. So, READ! READ! READ! However, while reading we need to keep in mind that some people do get paid to post a positive review. So keep your eyes peeled and keep that in the back of your mind! This leads us to my next step!

4. Look for review with uploaded pictures.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not a written review is legit. So in order to get the most honest review, I only purchase items that have been reviewed in a way where the purchaser has uploaded pictures of their ordered item. I prefer to find reviews that have multiple pictures from people. It’s more relatable, especially if you are looking at clothes.

Holiday dress. $32 on Amazon

Obviously companies only use models to showcase their clothing. However, not all of us look like the models trying to sell those clothes. That is why I LOVE when people upload themselves with the item. You might find someone with a similar build or shape as yourself and it’s easier to relate to the item you are looking at.


5. Look at the sizing chart AND how shoppers respond to its accuracy.

The is super important! We all know how it feels to pick out our size in one store, only to go to the next store and suddenly we have gone from a size 8 to size 12. Screenshot_20180224-141545Sadly, that is society these days….and it’s not different online. Most size charts are the same from item to item, so check out how people have responded to the accuracy of said size chart.



Well there y’all have it. Five easy steps to ensue your Amazon purchases are always worth it! BTDubbs, I purchased all of my swimwear and multiple summer dresses last season from Amazon. I saved money and have ADORABLE clothes! Get to shopping!

Sincerely, Toni